MLX Track Spam: The Annihilator

It’s been a while since the spam roaches attached the Trackbacks on the Maricopa Learning eXchange, but I guess they had some extra time after recess to splat their PPC (porn, pills, casino) links into the MLX Sharebacks. I am still resisting closing it down completely, but likely will, as no one really sends non-spam trackbacks.

It took about 75 seconds in phpMyAdmin to clean out the spambacks, but I decided as a fun task to build my own web tool to do it even easier. Presenting the Spam Trackback Annihilator:


All I need to do is to fill in the easy to guess typical spam words, and select to wipe out from the Source, URL, Title, or Body fields (or all at once to lower the big boot). In one click I can kill thousands or roachies. You will not find this URL on our server, as I can run it locally from my OSX desktop. Next, I will set up a cron job to clean out the poker jokers once a day. Y’all are now wasting your time, not mine.

I’m also toying with whipping up a similar tool for MovableType blogs. That too would be a snap to zap bad trackbacks.

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  1. If you make a trackback spam annihilator for MT blogs I’ll happily test/use it. I have always enjoyed learning more from you about killing blog spam than I have learned from any other source, and your writing style is more fun to read too.

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