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(Not) Killing Me Softly With Your Feeds

Just having set up some stats reports on this server, I find with no surprise the big consumer of activity is our Feed2JS script, which according to the data, in the last 7 days felt:

  • 3,182,586 hits (96% of the total)
  • 455,000 hits per day
  • 18,943 hits per hour
  • 315 hits per minute

The server is fine and there is no intent to shut this down. I monitor the CPU usage and am trying to unravel some periodic swings where it maxes 100% of the CPU. There are some patterns there to try and detective my way through. We run another server at a different address off the same XServe, and that site was getting way too much crawling action, so knocking out all the bots with a robots.txt exclusion seemed to help the whole box out alot.

As mentioned before, at sometime in the next month or two, I will be moving Feed2JS to its own dedicated server (a new PC laptop has freed up a PIII box in my office– every second hand PC in our office gets the Linux touch and is put to work). Have no fears, there will be ample warning and clean server redirects from where FeedJS sits now.

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