Just arrived in the big city for the League for Innovation conference that starts tomorrow. Perched on the 40 something floor of the Marriot with my own commanding view of Manhattan. About 1/3 the plane from Phoenix was loaded with folks from Maricopa, almost like a chartered jet. Sometimes you have to travel to a different city to interact with your own colleagues.

One of them, Rich, is a New York native, and led us on his preferred transport mode from JFK via the AirTrain and the E train subway. There is nothing quite like the human spectacle of the subway… until you emerge to the human spectacle of the street. From a very suburban city like Phoenix, the crush and density of New York is like being transported to some entirely new dimension. Its exciting and strange all at once.

Woo-hoo, well, later time for bloggin’, it’s time to hit the town. I’m not all that hepped on blogging this conference, so it may just be snippets of observations or a flickr-fest if the weather cooperates.

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