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Mothers Guard Your RSS Feeds, Someone Wants to “Monetize” Them

Look out for your RSS– as warned the vultures are still circling, and maybe hovering closer to your feeds.

It’s interesting, curious, and quirky when the PR factories roll new verbs off the assembly line- Moreover’s FeedRSSDirect Ads offer this savory description:

Moreover Technologies, the premier provider of aggregated online current awareness information, today announced FeedDirect RSS Ads, the first self-service integrated RSS feed delivery and monetization service…

RSS feed publishers will now benefit from the ability to insert content-targeted, revenue-generating sponsored links within posts or as an individual post, providing publishers with unparalleled flexibility to monetize their content.

Ohhhhhhhh, “monetizing” the content sounds so sexy. Magical. Alchemy. Turning plain old content into cash.

I am not predicting gloom and doom, and will likely exercise my right not to read content that has been created in the pure goal of “monetization”. It’s bad enough that in this pursuit some web sites have web sites with 7% of weight (or 20% by volume) of content among the ads. But can you imagine wading through loud billboards when you are trying to digest information?

While I would never begrudge anyone to make a living off the web, is the “clown pants” visual impact of ads something you really want to wear?

And here I as hoping that Monet-ization was some sort of Impressionistic graphics design approach. Viva la difference.

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