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My Dentist Has an RSS Feed

Two years, a year ago, it was noteworthy when feedless-sites were worth announcing they had added an RSS feed. Is it really newsworthy anymore? There is some sort of tipping point at work here, just curious if the threshold has been lost.

It takes me back 10, 11, 12 years ago when the first web sites were popping up. Every (almost) new site was nesworthy in its presence, announced in the NCSA Mosaic What’s New Page. I recall combing through my multimedia magazines, noting the first companies that had a URL in their ads. I was collecting them like mad in manually edited collections. There was no Google, no Internet Explorer, not even a Yahoo (well maybe a baby Yahoo). It was a trickle, then a steady rain, than a constant flow, then it is just part of the scenery.

Will the same happen to RSS? Will its absence be more noteworthy for an organization than its presence? Is it still mildly geeky to use? Has it arrived? is arriving? will not arrive?

Meanwhile, according to my aggregator, Dr. Green today is performing a root canal, 2 crowns, 6 checkups, plus a golf match at 4:30 pm ;-)

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