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The (Browser) Transformation is Complete – The Safari has Been Out Foxed

I’ve been jumping between my Mac web browsers, habitually in Safari, running to FireFox to try the cool new stuff, or to log into a site as a different user.

But now I think I will not be going back to Safari. There is just Too Much Cool Firefox Stuff– greasemonkey, the search plug-ins, RSS reader extensions like Sage, Fox-only things like the mechanism in TiddlyWiki as described by Brian Lamb.

The only hang up was the motley crew of bookmark tools I had lingering on the Safari toolbar… no sign of an easy export. A dab of Google gets me to the Safari Bookmark Exporter (wonderful tool) that allowed me to export the Safari bookmarks to a Firefox friendly HTML file. Sweet.

I know, I know. Firefox has been cool for a long time. I’m just a creature of browser habits, but have finally picked up and made the move. The Fox is now in my web driver seat.

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