I am coming off of 10 days of rest, travel, and not doing much blogging, reading, or doing anything more significant than lying in a hammock. But I am not back in the office as tomorrow morning I fly to Penn State University for the EDUCAUSE Instructional Technology Leadership Program– this is a pilot of a new program meant to be professional development for folks i the instructional technology and instructional design fields.

I am slated to do a presentation Monday morning on “Living at the Crossroads: Where Instructional Technology and Instructional Design Meet”, which is not available as it is still being concocted on the plane flight east. The blurb reads:

As an Instructional Technologist my disclaimer sometimes reads, “I am not an Instructional Designer, but I play one on the Internet”. You can be the most effective support for faculty and learners in your system if you can manage to live at these IT and ID crossroads, and need not be an expert in either. In this session, hands-on experiences with a few simple technologies will provide examples of this intersection as you explore just what “design” means in the spaces where the Net Generation lives. You will leave with some practical ideas on how to move towards that center.

The session will toss some Blogger, RSS, flickr etc as hands on activities meant to have the participants reflect on the experiences these sites provide so elegantly. Well that is the quasi plan…

I will be at State College through Thursday evening, back in the office on July 18. Blogging should occur along the way.

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