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Apple Is Really Twisting My Mellon, Man

Waiting for the overdue return of my dead iBook and dealing with un-acceptable ways to get an update is truly testing my n ager management.

It has been 18 days since it was left in their care, which is what 5-7 business days translates as.

In summary of what AppleCare does not provide is:
(1) I cannot check the status of my repair online (because I took it to a store)
(2) I cannot check the status via their stupid phone menu (because I lack a case/dispatch number, it does not like my repair number, apparently due to number 1)

The only way I can even get close is to call the Apple Store, wade through the messages about how great and popular iPod nanos are, wait for a human to answer, wait while they put me on hold. Once I made the mistake of pressing the button for “check repair status” and ended up in the dead end of #2 above.

Last night, after I finally got to a human, she noted that this was certainly odd that it was taking long, and promised a “genius” would call the repair folks tomorrow (today) and call em back with an update. She was so nice and sweet.

Unfortunately, no one did this, so by noon, I call the store again, hear about the nanos, wait through 10 minutes of hold music… and the lady says she will have to ask someone to call and get me a status. There is no reason anyone should have to go through such hoops to get a freakin status and and answer.

It’s about this time I am ready to drive up there, find a “genius” and shove my boot deep up their nano. Apple, you are twisting my mellon, man.

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  1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you are taking red pills voluntarily or if they are being forced down your throat.

    Sorry to hear about your customer service experience with Apple.

  2. Pills taste like candy. I think they are “Hot Tamales”.

    I sent the URL to our local Apple Rep who forwraded it to the store manager. Let’s see if that lights any fires.

    There’s this thing like people are afraid to say bad things about Apple. That’s crap. They are as big and as monotheic as any other large corporation. I love my Mac and I hate bad service. that’s the truth.

    Yes, I get riled up over bad customer service, but why should anyone take it? Why let phone trees and hold music drive you into submission! I am fighting and shaking up the tree for al my fellow customers who get crappy service! Rise up! Revolt!

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