Sort of retro, getting back to RSS used for feeds of news, but a nice mix and re-play is being offered at DailyRSS which is serving up news feeds from multiple sources and in categories:


In addition to just the news, there are weather images and feeds plus a photo news feed; it uses some sort of scroller to thumb through news photos on the main page. It’s being powered, I believe, by the MagpieRSS parser.

The little icons listed on their What is RSS? page are remarkably similar to the one we posted Fuss About RSS wiki hoisted back in 2002? Oh well, its a rip, mix world.

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  2. Thanks for the praise on the website, I created the site over a year and a half ago. Recently I have decided to put some more work into it because RSS is becoming quite the buzz word. DailyRSS uses a technology called AJAX to load the content of the pages without reloading the page itself. Its an easy way to jump through feeds without relaoding all the content. Look at the subpages for examples.. (

    Keep visiting the site and help add feeds to our ongoing list of “relavent” news sources…

    Matt H, creator of DailyRSS

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