Finding Pod/Vidcasts in Loomia (Ups and Downs of Tags)

Interesting site in a quick flyby: Loomia is a search and tag site for audio and video “casts”:

As more and more audio and video makes their way to the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult to find things that you like. Loomia is a podcast and videocast search engine plus much more. Our goal is to help you discover, share, and manage things of interest to you. We make use of the likes and dislikes of an ever-increasing community to filter through thousands of channels to help you find good stuff.

It’s got tags, free personal accounts, most popular listings… good stuff. Since my blue pill is still active, I will leave it to the reader to think about what happens when anyone can tag something as “Education

A tip of the blog hat to Alec Couros, just swiped from his blog feed.

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