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My 1995 Nissan pickup has 125,000 miles under its wheels and I’d like to see more flip by. For sometime we’ve been hearing this occasional squeak/squeal coming from either the belts or the wheels, it is intermittent and hard to associate with specific events. We’ve asked our mechanic to check it out, trying to describe it accurately as “like a teak kettle across the room just getting ready to whistle” but they can never seem to reproduce the sound.

Of course, I am hearing it almost every day driving home, so last night I had a (what I thought) was brilliant flash- I was carrying my iRiver MP3 player/recorder, so I just turned it on and held it outside the window as I drove around my neighborhood. There’s a lot of wind noise, but I am hoping enough of the squeak is there to play for our mechanic… her it is, justa snippit, for a new auto mechanic’s podcast feed (?):

http://cogdogblog.com/alan/sounds/squeak.mp3 [86k mp3]

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