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Shockwave Book Put To Work

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Shockwave Book Put To Work
Shockwave Book Put To Work
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I was musing recently about long ago doing multimedia development for the web using Macromedia Director and Shockwave as the playback engine in the browser… and I recalled that I am still using on the classic books.

Darrel Plant’s Shockwave: Breathe New Life into Your Web Pages came out way back in 1996 as the first book about Fried Green Director. I think I got a copy for maybe doing a review or having some content bundled into the CD-ROM. That is in the dusty neuron category.

Anyhow, Darrel’s book is still very useful- here it is used to lift up the Apple XServe that hosts CogDogBlog to give the machine a bit more airflow underneath. Another Shockwave book holds up the other end, but’s it far back to bother looking.

And in trying to be clever taking the photo, I accidentally popped out the disk drive that holds the web content, so the server went down in thick back smoke., Reboot, reboot, reboot….

And they say books are not worth much anymore ;-) Try to prop up your server with a web page, go ahead!

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