Strange Marriages

Well what do you know, look which two Course Management Systems have hooked up… maybe more spicy than MacroDobie or Adobamedia will be BbCT?

Interesting times as the curse goes, eh?

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  1. A great day for Lighips, and therefore a great day for everyone else as well — except my enemies, for them every day is a hell on earth.

    This is only the beginning. The plot is unwinding exactly as I foretold. Now I move the pieces into place for the endgame. Checkmate, chum!!!

    I can anticipate the reaction of you freeloader open education types. Boo-hoo, boo-hoo. You can get on the train, or be tied down onto the tracks. And Leon Lighips is selling tickets on the “gravy train” that’s headed down to “easy street”.

    Naturally, I’ve already earned a tidy sum on this deal. As the architect of the merger, it’s only proper. It’s not too late to join me. Soon there will be no option. Maybe now you dirty open education hippies will get off your tie-die clad buttocks and make some real money.

  2. Oh, I’m “alive” Mr. CogDogBlog. You have no idea how “alive” I am. This merger may seem like “the deal of the century” to you now, but this is merely the opening gambit, I assure you. I have only begun moving my pawns, and as the chessmaster marshals his knights, and sends his bishops and rooks hurtling into the fray, you will see the sheer enormity of my design.

    Now, chant along with me — Lighips! Lighips! Lighips!

    I can’t hear you! Say it! Say it!!!

  3. Sorry, dude, I cannot chant because of audio challenges- I do not know how to pronounce your name (“Leon” is easy) — is it LIG-HIPS or is it LY-HIPS or just plain LIPS? Maybe you ought to be podcasting….

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