A year ago there were none but now there are a good handful of sites that allow you to mix in a collection of disparate RSS feed URLs, and it mixes them into a new one, with its own RSS feed. I refer these frequently to folks that write me about Feed2JS asking if it can accept multiple feed URLs (the answer is “no”). A feed mixer will do the trick.

Having just come across a new one, KickRSS (love the name), I thought I;d try and list the ones I knew. Most likely I will miss one, two, ten or twelve, so let me know of other similar services.

To test them, I have created a few test feeds, using RSS URLs for my favorite Canadian Bloggers:

Feed Mix Sites and results:

  • KickRSS – “KickRSS takes multiple RSS or ATOM feeds, combines them, and displays them as a single RSS feed or a webpage at an easy-to-remember URL.”
    Test Feed: I Wanna Be Canadian
  • FeedShake – “FeedShake can merge, sort and filter multiple RSS feeds.”
    Test Feed: I Wanna Be Canadian
  • BlogSieve – “BlogSieve is a free web-based tool that creates new feeds by filtering, merging and sorting existing feeds. The BlogSieve engine accepts virtually every (valid) feed format, processed results are then exported into any feed format you choose”
    None of the links on the site worked, so I could not create a test feed.
  • FeedDigest – “With FeedDigest, mix, filter and republish or syndicate feeds to HTML, JavaScript, WAP or PHP, or to a new feed.” Has formatting options for making pretty layouts. Limited to 15 items per digest. Can add filter words. Limited to 3 feeds per digest (boo!!!)
    Test Feed: I Wanna Be a Canadian
  • RSS Mix – “Mix any number of RSS feeds into one unique new feed!”
    Test Feed: Mix ID 5449 HTML View
  • BlogDigger Groups – “Blogdigger Groups allows you to combine the contents of two or more blogs making the combined content easily accessible all at once. You can create a Blogdigger Group using any blogs that have RSS feeds. Once you specify the feeds that comprise your Blogdigger Group you will be able to view the posts from those feeds, sorted by date, and even export your group in OPML or OCS, or subscribe to your Blogdigger Group as an RSS feed.” Can load RSS URLs from an OPML file. Archives Feed items and is searchable. Can create new feeds from search results.
    Test Feed: I Wanna Be Canadian BlogDigger Group

UPDATE: Additions thanks to the gang in the comment gallery:

  • Aggrssive – “Read, Aggregate, Enrich: Combine feeds, organize them by TAGGING, find your feeds quickly. Out put any of your feeds to any site on the web just the way you want.” Includes tagging, tag clouds, and a variation of FeedJS for display. And it is created in Canada! (Thanks to Brian Lamb for sharing)
    Test Feed: I Wanna Be Canadian Aggregate and Collection View
  • lazytom’s feedjumbler “FeedJumbler is a web-based application that allows you to: Convert a RSS or Atom-based feed into RSS, Atom and/or HTML and JavaScript; Merge several RSS or Atom-based feeds into one combined RSS and/or Atom feed; Put an RSS feed (or merged feed) on your webpage using an IFrame or JavaScript)” Free and direct to use, lots of output display options. Test feed: I Wanna Be Canadian Jumbled
  • FeedMarker “Feedmarker lets you bookmark items from the Web and read RSS and Atom feeds. It also lets you organize all your stuff (feeds and marks) using an open tagging system.” Its a mixture of feeds and bookmarks with tagging. it was rather finicky on locating feed URLs from blog URLs, and they were entered one by one.
    Test Feed: CogDog’s FeedMarker
  • FEEDcombine “a script to combine multiple RSS feeds into one.” Only generated XML errors, bummer.
  • Feed Findings “Feed Findings, originally inspired by A9’s OpenSearch, is a brand new feed processing tool. Where tools like BlogSieve help you filter groups of feeds, Feed Findings provides keyword based searching across groups of feeds.” Enter up to 10 RSS feeds. The feeds are generated, but you need to supply a search term (it does not like empty strings), option to specify RSS flavor. The feeds returnes supposedly as RSS 2.0 are not really RSS 2.0 in structure (no PubDate). Test Feed: I Wanna Be Canadian RSS2.0 search=”blog”
  • FrankenFeed “Egor can generate a master feed for you. What is a master feed? Do you have several feeds on the same topic that you want to share with someone (or just use yourself)? Egor will combine multiple feeds into a single simple feed. You can always come back and easily add or delete the feeds.” Easy, fast to set up, flexible options. Best name for the site! My test feed fell apart due to XML errors. Test Feed: I Wanna Be Canadian (info) / RSS
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  1. One more for the pile — an open source tool, started by Canadians no less!

    Read feeds: http://aggrssive.olt.ubc.ca/viewItems.php?fID=2396

    I used aggRSSive to generate javascript, which I pasted here:


    I was able to generate this list pretty quickly, as all these feeds were in my personal collection already. To make future iterations easier, I appended the tag “iwannabecanadian” to the set: http://aggrssive.olt.ubc.ca/tags/iwannabecanadian

    (You can subscribe to an RSS feed of the iwannabecanadian tag, if you want to track changes: http://aggrssive.olt.ubc.ca/rss.php?what=all&tags=iwannabecanadian&tagSearch=any)

    I hope you like this Alan — after all, feed2js is an integral part of the code! If that don’t make you an honorary Canadian, I’ll make sure you drink enough Canuck ale next time I see you to get you a passport.

    Clean version of aggRSSive: http://aggrssive.net/
    Source code here: http://eduforge.org/projects/aggrssive/

  2. Thanks Brian! I thought it was “in the mix” but did not want to send it public prematurely (again) I’ve added it to the list above.

    FYI, the RSS feed for the iwannabecanadian tag has funkiness in the dates (they are all Dec 1969, a sign of an invalid date format or conversion).

    Awesome code, though!

  3. Thanks for the plug, and the bug report.

    Now that aggRSSive is an open source project, it belongs to the world… so (I think) it’s OK to talk about it again.

  4. Thanks for this. Exactly one year ago, I was searching all over for a tool to do this (and couldn’t believe how hard one was to find). I tried BlogDigger Groups at one point, but I think it was still a little too new (wasn’t working quite properly).

    My need for this waned, and I haven’t gotten back to it again. But this is a great resource for when I need to again (or, perhaps more importantly, when a faculty member is looking for something to do this).

  5. Thanks John- I knew there were more, though not that many… I will try and build my test feeds and add them to my list above.

  6. Jym,

    True enough, and a good technology but I should have been more specific.

    If I include all server soluttions that provide feedmixing (e.g. Feed on Feeds, etc. My limit is to hosted services where the user does not have to set up any server software like Drupal.

  7. Thanks for the mention, Alan. We’re looking at extending the quotas on our free services now, as we’re about to release a number of “premium” features which users will pay for instead of the core functionality :-)

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