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It’s my aim for our MCLI events to have as much content as possible be a part of our web sites, as well asfor those looking back at it, for those who were not in attendance. Even with speed-haste audio/video editing (not aided by a delay in getting source video), it took a while to get all of it posted our Faculty Convocation keynote presentation by Dr. Vincent Tnto on Promoting Student Success. We already have the digital photos from the day, but now we have audio and video.

We got a DVD of the presentation from Maricopa College Television group who did the filming. It took more than 3 hours using Handbrake (which by the way, now has a Windows version) to rip the movie to a QuickTime .mp4 file (617 Mb!). I had thought there was a way to rip just the audio, but could not find it. So I exported the QuickTime file to a .WAV file with QuickTime Pro, trimmed 20 minutes of up-front welcomes and announcements, and imported this file into Audacity. Once saved as an MP3- 48 minutes long it was down to 11.1 Mb of audio, We have the entire Tinto keynote, and from being in the audience, it is a good listen:


You can find the PowerPoint of his presentation if you want to watch and listen. In addition, we have audio of Tinto and Maricopa faculty recorded from the breakout session discussion panel on Engaging Students with Learning Communities:


Since Maricopa Chancellor Dr. Rufus Glasper was at a meeting in Washington DC, we had his pre-recorded video welcome played for the attendees- that too now is available in both QuickTime and Windows Media streaming formats.

For fun, as people where showing up for registration and coffee, I did impromptu interviews with anyone I could grab, recording with an iRiver MP3 recorder:


The audio has been added to our site-wide podcast system, something I stitched together using an older version of MovableType (2.661). I’ve been rethinking this approach, and may set up a WordPress powered center for describing audio feeds and using categories to create podcast feeds. And soon we have to audio video to the feed mix.

As a small blog-only bonus, I made a 5 minute clip from the Tnto presentation, which you can view in QuickTime and Windows Media streaming formats.

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