Contagious Bad Karma

Okay, D’Arcy, what have you inflicted on me? I was getting a lot done this week, and with compassion and empathy read of his hard drive and server failures.

Now I am having that day, almost the same. Our office G4 Apple server has been flaking out, getting hung, all week long. Staff report files gone missing, errors on damaged files, etc. I had some luck with fixing file permissions, but with it happening again today, it was time to copy the data to an external drive (and the server settings), and rebuild it from scratch. Like our XServer, I am now partioning the 40 Gb internal drive into a 10 Gb partiion for the OS and the rest for data. This way, if the OS goes down, I can re-install in the smaller partition.

But alas, my SmartDisk 40 Gb FireWire drive started making clunky noises, the yellow access light stayed on, and the drive refused to mount. I keep all my working web and media files here, as I shuffle it from here to the home computer. The last time this happened, DiskWarrior saved the day. Well on this day, the Warrior got all done rebuilding (it was complaining of slowness due to “drive malfunction, and I tried various angles and gentle pressure points on the enclosure that cleared the stuck access light), but failed when it was time to re-do the directory structure. So I had to go back to step 1, nurse it throught its magical process of creating a disk image (in RAM??) and this time I am slowly copying (from the Preview window) all files to my laptop hard drive.

It’s not like I have anything else to do.

Okay D’Arcy, what kind of Calgarian Voodoo did you send my way?

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  1. whoah. sorry! I had hoped I’d exercised the demon(s) or whatever was afflicting my hardware yesterday.

    maybe there’s a solar flare or something hitting folks… I’ve seen reports in my RSS feeds of abour half a dozen people suddenly experiencing hardware issues in the last day or so…

  2. The karma must have burned up in the Arizona desert.

    The Apple Server is back in operation, just need to re-install Retrospect. I was able to transfer all the files ftom the sick FireWire drive to my laptop until I can get a new one.

    Hope your streak has ended….

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