Is it just me or is it lately that is getting wonky? My links pictured below are…. not so…. tasty. Hasn’t the infusion of Yahoo bucks had an effect?

Maybe it has gotten too popular. Maybe it is the time of day, phases of the moon.The free love the net gives can get testy when the great services we grow to love used to become more like the crashing bloatware we curse on our desktops.

Hello furl?

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  1. You could always go back on revive your Jots account Alan. The site has been picking up steam as of late. Me thinks users are leaving after the Yahoo sell-off in favor of some of the “newer” kids on the block.

  2. it’s not you, or – it’s the DAY, man! I’m ready to unplug and craft a tinfoil hat. I’m risking my Powerbook just by using it! Heck – I may have just killed your server by posting this. Hope not, though…

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