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Do I Smell More AJAX in My Flickr Photos?

One of the joys of flickr is discovering new features the web elves have slipped in in there. The one I discovered likely has been there a long time… but I just noticed then when you are viewing an image that is part of a set, say one of my flower shots of a tulip out of a set of flower images, the little icons on the right and left can be used to display the adjacent photos in the set (a browser reload).

Well, Doh! I just noticed the little more links below:

and these allow you to scroll through the thumbnails of the set while staying in the same web page. Outstanding! This is a much better way to browse a set.

I am fairly sure flickr was the first site I had used that had AJAX technology likely before it was called AJAX. I remember it from the way cool way you could do in-page editing of the title and captions.

It was web design black magic. Alchemy! Why you could create web form interaction without a series of web page entire reloads!

The fun of flickr discovery seems like it never ends.

Like finding delivr– a way to send email postcard like messages that use flickr images.

Rats- it does not catch my darn typos!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the tip on Delivr – simple but awesome idea, eh? Seems to be not working 100% (I couldn’t get it to show me my pictures using my username) but I will check back as maybe this is just a temporary hiccup.

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