I am headed back to <font>…</font> and <blink>…</blink> tags (not).

I am almost too embarrassed to admit this, but thanks to an email from Keith K, it was pointed out the CSS class names used by Feed2JS are not exactly W3C valid since they use underscores (e.g. .rss_box) and this may/will cause display problems in Internet Explorer (See Underscores in class and ID Names).

I’ve given some thought to this and have no clever way to do a workaround that will preserve the existing usage, so I am setting a future date when the script will be changed. This only matters to you if you use Feed2JS and have integrated the styles into your own web page CSS.

This could happen in two different ways:

  1. The script changes. Any users who were using the current style sheets would have to edit their CSS to change all underscores for hyphens.
  2. The feed2js script gets changed and saved as a new name (feed2js2.php or feedtojs.php) that generates the proper classes, and the style builder will reference a copy of the original set of styles. This would mean old instances of the script will stay as is, but newer builds will be set up for the correct CSS declaration.

I more likely favor option 2 since it does not harm to current users, and I always aim to keep this backwards compatible. I am taking comments on this, but will implement a change by February 10, 2006.

All I can say is What a Maroon! What an Ignoranamus! hahahahaha.

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  1. I thought Christmas was over! Imagine my surprise when I opened up my Bloglines account (in Firefox) to see this entry blinking like a Christmas tree (from the blink tag down of course)! Just thought you’d like to know.

  2. Yikes.. I was hopeing the encoded HTNL would not render as HTML…

    What’s more even amazing is that Web Standard Browsers would support the stupid BLINK tag.

    Anything to get attention, eh?

  3. I’m a bigger CSS idiot than you so I just ordered Bullet Proof Web Design from Amazon. It has a rating of 5 stars so hopefully it will help.

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