All Your Old Jade Links Are Mine

The conversion is complete. With one line of text, I have preserved every old link, every RSS feed, under the former URL/host for this blog from the old cogdogblog.com/.... to the exact same links here at the new home at cogdogblog.com/.../.

Oi, that also means the spam will come here too. And the poker folks have been ratcheting up the intensity lately.

This also includes all RSS feed URLs. As already noted, some smart software applications like NetNewsWire automatically change the URLs on a refresh.

It is not magic at all, and web server redirection is so easy you think it is not real. I am utterly barefaced amazed at how many “professional” sites do not bother to leave a path when they arbitrarily decide to redo the web server directory structure, or migrate to some new content management system that obfuscates URLs with database gibberish.

And all you need to do this is… well you should have a web server running Apache. It is likely very possible in an IIS world, but I do not live there. And you need very inexpensive software… a plain text editor. The magic line was explained earlier, but again, I want to say how that one line of text can keep in tact every URL I published for the last 3 years.

Redirection is powerful stuff.

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