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Office With a View
Office With a View
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This is where a spent most of the time during the holiday break in Strawberry Arizona. The cubicle next door has a hot tub.

The odometer has rolled over 2006 and tomorrow marks the first day back at the office. Since I’m coming off a splendid restful time on break, and I’ve been getting to do more photo action than normal, the first blog sets will be via my flickr pile.

So D’Arcy, at your request, this first one is for you, a shot of the hammock view at our place in Strawberry. The little mound in the distance is Strawberry Mountain.

I wish I could say I made some reading progress on a pile of novels sitting on my nightstand, but most of my hammock activity involved noises like “zzzzzzzz”.

If I could get a job with this office view, I’d jump in a nano second.

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