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Lost Numbers Found in Flagstaff

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Found Numbers
Found Numbers
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Here in a men’s room at the Flagstaff Brewery are those pesky bad luck numbers that someone Lost. Shall we play them in the lottery?

So there I was, taking care of… mmmm. “business” in the men’s room at the Flagstaff Brewery, when these familiar numbers were there written on a wall plate cover right in front of me,

Has someone Lost these numbers?

Okay, a good chunk of our holiday time was consumed watching the first season of Lost on DVD. I must shyly admit that I have been addicted to this show from the start, but had missed 2 or 3 crucial episodes. At least my fandom of this show has some good company.

The intricate, nested, slowly revealed storylines may get me. The fact that not everything in the plot is as guessable as most other TV. Maybe it was growing up in the era of the orignal Airport disaster movies. Maybe it is the lush Oahu scenery.

So we consumed the series like hungry vultures. And oh, the sheer joy of having no commercial interuptions.

In watchig again I picked up the pattern that the very first person pictured in the episode opening (I think), often a close up of their eye, is the “subject” of the episode flashbacks.

And then there is realizing the plot focuses on perhaps 14 main characters, leaving maybe 32 unknowns who have bit parts, usually as background stand-ins during the funeral scenes. This is even suctly referenced in the episode where Boone wonders aloud to John Jocke about the fated Starv Trek red shirt crew members who typically are killed (and hey, there is even a society for them).

And lastly, I am curious how often the “unlucky” numbers ar eplayed in current lotteries. I bet it is high. Talk about product placement.

So what is your take on Hurley’s numbers?

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  1. I’m waiting for someone to speak of the numbers as a weapon. Like Tetris, a Soviet WMD let loose to wreck havoc on unsuspecting enemies.

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