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Who Needs a Dropping Ball?

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Who Needs a Dropping Ball?
Who Needs a Dropping Ball?
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Any little town can have a ball drop for New Year’s Eve… in Flagstaff, Arizona, a giant metal pine cone will fall to usher in 2006.

Continuing 2006’s opening blogs in flickr onli…

It’s New Year’s Eve. Dropping some ball in Time’s Square is so lame, like so Dick Clark, like so Perry Como, like….

Here in Flagstaff, Arizona, the festivities include the dropping of the metal pine cone outside the historic Weatherford Hotel (see the big news coverage).

As you can see we were in town a day early, and actually missed the big drop. But hey, it was rather impressive just to be standing in such a spot where New Year’s would drop in Arizona fashion.

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  1. Here in Fredericksburg, it’s a big lighted pear that gets dropped on the main drag downtown. I’ve never seen it, but I found a Flickr pic:

    On a sidenote, I think my husband and I ate at a restaurant in the Weatherford Hotel several years ago–the night before we hiked Mount Humphreys. A good trip and a great hike.

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