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Man With a Microphone
Man With a Microphone
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Brian extends the microphone so gardner Campbell can hear (he is remotely present via Skype)

Mea culpa, my blog pace is waning. Maybe it is jet lag or just some fatigue, but it’s bothering me for not prattling on to the blog stream.

Anyhow, yesteday was a full on day in Vancouverm at UBC. Brian and I met up with D’Arcy who came and did a dangerous live demo of Pachyderm (dangerous only because the local network was not cooperating, but solved via a nifty end around by Tim Yang).

I saw among participants that same level of excitement, of “give it to me now” buzz in the participants. Heck, me too. I had not done any Pachyderming since June, and would very much like to pry some time for a real project.

The afternoon was a full on 3plus hour “jam” session or Salon on Social Software. We had 3 laptops hooked up to 3 lovely plasma screens (which ended up not being used). The format was wide open and ended up being a rich discussion that meandered up and down so many interesting paths that they’ve mashed together. D’Arcy had a great quip about “Social Software” being something that removed or downplayed the “software” portion of social interactions (well that was the essence).

Jason lugged in two big cases of audio equipment to record the session to be posted eventually to a new social learning web site TBB (To Be Built.. with Brian). Happy editing of the 1+ Gb of audio!

Is that You Gardner?

The format then took a 180 degree when Gardner Campbell joined the fray… but he was still in Virginia, connected to us via Skype and Brian doing the Phil Donahue act with the microphoe. He just happened to chime in as we started talking about Apple iTunes U. Do you think Gardner had a strong opinion? You betcha, and it was full of vigor and rich reference. And I agree with his points 100% at the same time sitting on the fence as to whether I will play in the opportunity.

The evening activities following this day are purposefuly un-blogged. Sorry.

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  1. Y’know, I’m sorta hoping you will try the iTunes U thing, but do it right to help show the way (cue Peter Frampton), and report back on how to bring good out of the whole situation. If anyone can do that, you can.

    It was sure fun talking to you all. I was on quite a conversation high when I left school that evening. Brian’s salon is definitely the place to be. 🙂

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