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Just kidding. Previously on this blog, I wrote of my dilemma at home of dealing with a giant unorganized stack of digital photos. In cleaning out my office at Maricopa, I had a similar problem, but here, at least, I had a spare 240 Gb LaCie FireWire Drive.

So this morning I copied all of the archived photos, going back to 1997. Fortunately, I had gotten in the habit of storing them in folders than were named xxYYzz [name of event] where xx was the last digits of the year, YY the month, and zz the day. So a typical one might be 030502 FIPP Showcase for the FIPP event on May 2, 2003.

This convention helped get them in date order in a file directory. So I created new folders on the HD for years, and lumped all the files in the appropriate spots.

In all, it was 9867 JPEG photos, stored in 452 sub directories (one per event or subject), and 5.9 Gb in all.

That leaves another 234 Gb for other stuff to back up (I have an equally high stack of CDs from old projects, got to preserve those source Director files on HyperCard stacks).

Oops, I just remembered, there are about another 20 directories on my server. Back in a flash….

Updated- forgot the 2005-2006 images, much bigger files since getting the Digital Rebel XT. The grand total:


That makes 11,187 photos, stored in 502 subdirectories, gobbling up 7.3 Gb. Still heaps of room.

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