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Feed2JS Beta With Enclosures

Rightfully so, people have been requesting the Feed2JS be able to display content referenced in RSS 2.0 or podcast feeds. Until now, these enclusore tags have been ignored because it is not supported in the underlying MagpieRSS library code.

It turns out there is a fairly simple patch / adjustment to the Magpie code that seems to make it work and a few folks that have emailed have shown it can be done (Thanks Aaron Axelsen for the nudge and the sample code)

I have a preliminary version of Feed2JS running on the Maricopa Jade server only that supports podcast media. I hope I can get a few testers to try it out before it gets rolled into the download versions. There is a new option on the Feed Builder form to indicate whether enclosure media should be displayed (default is “no” just so we do not present any surprises to current users). If you have a current Feed2JS code embedded into your page, you can activate this merely by adding &pc=y to your JavaScript string, or rebuild the feed completely with our new form.

As is, this new feature will display a “Play MP3” or “Plat M4A” link for every enclosure found which will appear before the item description. Links go to the media (in a new window). It is set up for output with a new CSS class (div=”pod-play-box”) and some classes for the links so they can be nicely formatted. Currently only the basic1.css style (used on the preview pages) has these classes.


If the functionality tests okay, it can be distributed into all code in a week or two. I need still to get the code to a new forge site (I have a reservation in one already, just need to sit down and code up so new mirror site structures)

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