I’m again at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for another jaunt out of town. I recalled reading somewhere online a few weeks ago that the airport was offering free wireless, not the pay through your nose service that was there before. Sure enough, flipping open the laptop, there it is:


This is a welcome change from a place where small pizzas are 10 bucks, bottled water $2, etc. Free! Free Wireless! How cool.

“The new wireless Internet service will allow travelers to sit in comfort as they log on to check their e-mail or even look at the latest headlines from their home town,” said Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. “It’s part of our on-going commitment to making Phoenix a great place not only to visit, but to do business.”

Heck, if I lived in the city, Phil may have won my vote with just this move.

Update: Make that free web. They apparently block ports for chat, mail clients, etc. Phil? That vote? Well, it’s still better than nothing.

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