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Holding Hands
Holding Hands
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A fascinating sculpture outside a Department of Education building in Calgary

My other web experiment today for the NMC Conference is setting up a page to provide some persuasion and aggregation for my goal of having participants “Tag This Conference”.

The site I set up:

is aggregating the public tags of nmc2006 from Flickr, Technorati, and del.icio,us… and is using 3 different services for doing so.

For flick, I use the JavaScript Flickr badge to display all photos tagged with nmc2006 (of which there are a grand total of 2, both mine planted as seeds.

For technorati, to catch Feed2JS using the php include method (don;t look to sponge feeds off of this server, the publc script is not loaded here).

And for, something different… I used tagalicious a PHP script that is very similar as it also uses the MagpieRSS parser, so that bit is shared with Feed2JS.

Again, very little is there since no one is tagging. Boy, I hope they do.

And the picture here? I tried to find an icon for “tag” and got some strange, unsuitable for public audience images in Flickr, and I recalled the photos I took of these cool statues in downtown Calgary when I was passing through in June 2004. I had not loaded them into flickr, so I quickly did. They are very cool, and the hands touching were the metaphor I was looking for…. let’s play TAG! tag! T-A-G! tag?

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