Via David Weinberger’s blog, came a reference to a time eating web site. Blufr (“bruising your ego one blff at a time”) is more or less a true or false game at various “facts” form– the addictive hook is tat each “way” / “no way” right answer bumps you points, you can post links to the content to various bookmark services, and more in the bucket of Web X.0-is add-ons.

Of course, you can get a high score just by guessing (50% chance of being right in any standard-ized test), but still, with each answer, comes, “just one more…. just one more…”

And they even have this hook of offering a cut and paste snippet to embed a hook into any blog:

blufr - bruising your ego one bluf at a time

Powered by
free online dictionary and more

And I could swear I saw Bryan Alexander‘s photo randomly appear in the top left.

And speaking of this, I am wondering if anyone has done an ultimate list of all these cool X.0 sites that have riffed on flickr’s “drop the ‘e’ and be cool” spelling meme?



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