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The Dim Screen of Death
The Dim Screen of Death
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This is as bright as my MacBookPro gets– this has happened 3 different times, once while I was watching the screen. And not, the F1/F2 keys do not help. The only way I have found to resurrect it is to shut it down for a few hours, and then reset the Power Management Unit.

This same MBP spent 2 weeks at Apple for a fan assembly repair and logic board swap- the first screen dim happened 3 days after it returned.

I’m trucking it into the Apple Store today and asking for a replacement. I want an Apple, not a Lemon

The sage of my lemon MacBookPro is in its next chapter. I was waiting until I had visible proof before carting it to the Apple Store. I am taking the advice tossed my way and asking for an instore replacement.

And actually this exposure is not even as dark asthe screen really is stuck at. For an effect, turn your brightness to its most minimal position. I am only able to use it by hooking it up to my wife’s PC monitor (even finding the Monitors Control panel was a nigty trick– fortunately I have it as a menu bar item, but I have to tilt the screen in the light and feel my way along the top menus).

But here is what is cool, as soon as I hit Detect Displays, it remembered my settings from the last time I used this monitor, so it was already mirror and using the external as a primary screen (see, I do like the Apple OS….

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