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Grnad Opening
Grnad Opening
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Typos as art! This welcome sign at the Tang Museum is Nina Katchadourian‘s work inspired by a sign at her local deli.

I gotta get a job as an artist.

I’m on the first leg of a large circle trip around the US, currently in Saratoga Springs, NY, for an NMC meeting at Skidmore College. We had a wonderful day hosted at the Tang Museum.

The tour started Thursday morning at 4:00 Am, with a SuperShuttle pickup for a flight to Albnay via Detroit. Two days of lovely upstate New York, and Saturday I am off to visit family over the weekend in Baltimore. Then Tuesday early AM I fly to Austin for an NMC workshop through Friday. Landing at the Phoenix airport, my wife will spirit us away for a 3 day weekend at our cabin, and Monday evening, it is back to the airport for a red- eye to Newark, NJ for some more project meetings. Finally, Thursday night, I get home and will not see the inside of an airport or a blue van for a few months.

This is very grnad, indeed.

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