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Return of MacBookPro
Return of MacBookPro
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My MacBookPro returned from its vacation to Houston, where it got some new screen parts and a battery replacement.

So far so good, it works

My MacBookPro is back and it works (well so far, a few hours). This MBP better stay lit, as in another day, I am off for a 9 day cross country 4 stop trip.

Okay, so I will say Apple did the repair in an amazingly short turn around time; picked up by DHL on Thursday, Aug 24 @ 4:00 PM, fixed in Houston on Aug 25, and returned to me Monday, Aug 27.

Determining what was done requires some decrypting is it too much to have it stated in human? I believe it is the inverter board for the video display


In addition, I got:


that is a battery replacement, one of those potential hot smokin batteries.

So this ought to be the last installment of my MBP Blues.

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