Not writing much this week. Looking for nouns. Must find noun….

Just kidding (not that the world would wobble off its axis if I focused on work rather than badly typing about it).

January is ramping up with project intensity, still working with our drupal developers on getting the NMC Web site’s 2.0 version ready for a beta release, rolling out a completely brand new WordPress powered web site (not a “blog”) but a whole site for a Big Huge Secret Project, working with a large group of artists for a big Second Life event next month, moving the entire NMC web site to a new web host, prepping for upcoming EDUCAUSE ELi conference followed right after by another 3 day pachyderm workshop, and… and….

In a few days I hope to be able to talk about both some neat new WordPress tricks learned as well dome digging into Media Wiki.

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  1. Digging into MediaWiki! Hooray! Does this mean I’ll have somebody besides D’Arcy to pester with inane questions as our group gropes toward a WikiFarm?

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