Google Home Page- Expanding Feeds

Small new feature for Google Personal Home page fans– If you use the module for displaying RSS feeds, in addition to getting headlines from your feeds, now you get expandable summaries as well. Just click the little plus sign, and stories expand, click again to collapse.


Not earth shattering, and not that i use this for an RSS reader, but if you use a Google Home page, it makes a nice addition for those very, very special feeds.

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  1. I might not be following you, Beth the Wise. I have been marking items as “Shared” and have them posted to the front page sidebar, or directly:

    and documented a week ro so ago about using another Google account (running in my third browser) to mark stories abut Virtual Worlds that are pushed to our new NMC site:


    I did just find the Google Reader module to hang on the front page-

    Or is it something else I missed (very likely the case)

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