Between travel earlier this week for NMC meetings, time off between now and Monday, and squeezing in many late night hours banging our new drupal site (should be able to share it in a few weeks), I’m feeling way behind the blog train. Just sifting through my RSS feeds, I am compelled to send a few shoutout linktributions to colleagues who really deserve a full CDB blog post.

Well my first one is to WordPress 2.1, who’s autosave feature had snagged this post’s opening from certain defeat as I accidently closed the tab containing this draft!

First, Bet’s screencast Shoulder-to-Shoulder Instructional Media: My Tagging Screencast at NTEN! is to me, the essence, and a must show item that most lucidly explains, and demonstrates, the use of tagging among people with a common interest to develop shared resources. It’s well produced, a bit fun, and uses labels and metaphors in a great delivery. And the blog post that contains the screencast includes great supplementary material; all in all a great model of how to deliver and package a screencast. Bonus points to Bet for her use of dog images.

Several shouts to Brian, who is blogging now at a pleasing pace, for the sharing of his poster boy status (a photo mis-contextualized by a newspaper who deserves a trip on the cluetrain), the rampup to NorthernVoice 2007, an event I will rue endlessly missing this year.

Jim Groom, blogging at bavatuesdays, who I had the pleasure to chat with late one night at EDUCAUSE ELI (as we both tried to find bits of decent wireless connectivity in the conference hotel), is doing some very cool things with WordPress Multiuser at a multiclass level at University of Mary Washington.

D’Arcy is busting out the Yahoo Pipes, making me a bit antsy as I’ve yet had a chance to play with what promises to deliver an uber tool for custom rip-mix-feeding.

Scott rightfully sends Blackboard to the corner to wear a blog dunce hat.

Gardner’s blog frequency is up, and glu-ing me into some new things to check out like Mojiti.

Will’s son’s wiki-ing makes papa proud. Right on.

And on it goes, the great river of blog posts, poisng to roll me over like a crashing wave, Reaching now for command-A….

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  1. I’ve obviously gotta stay up later or get up earlier to keep up with JimBava.

    Thanks for the shout-out, friend. And good luck with the new NMC site. If it’s even half as good as the potential I saw at the NMC regional, it’s going to be terrific. Can’t wait to see the results. Everything is beta in the Web 2.0 world, right? :)

  2. Never take a CDB shoutout for granted. Thanks, this collection of links is mighty good company… and your absence from NV will be rued as well, do not doubt it…

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