This month’s issue of Wired had a small blurb in the PLaylist section on YASS (Yet Another Social Service):
Sure, Twitter’s fine if you must know what your friends are doing right now. But what are they doing next week? Try, which lets you list events you plan to attend and tag them with keywords.

So I tried.. It’s in beta. But a little digging around, and despite the “wait” link on the front, I made an account. It’s really for the people looking to connect with their friends who are going to concerts, ball games, etc. Based on a zipcode you enter in a profile and some tags, it lists local events that are happening in your area:


It does a slick job of the social networking piece by tying things to your contacts, and it brings in event info (via RSS??) along with automatic Googlemapping of locations. It has all the right Web 2.0 ingredients. And the bucked the trend by NOT calling themselves involvr.

I made a basic profile page, but as you can see, I really don’t do much or plan to do much that would merit being involver-ed.

It also bears note that this issue of Wired’s Jargon watch includes:

Social Network Fatigue
n. The ennui induced by persistent solicitations to join new social networks. It is especially acute in those who are already members of more more MySpaces than they can remember.

I don’t have the MySpace load, but I am feeling some of the Fatigue.

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