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I’ve been madly tagging sites on delicious for at least 2 or 3 years now, and rely on it solely as my web resource collection. For a long while I used as a tool a version of the bookmarklet tool I had rigged into my bookmarklet tool maker (wow there is one I’ve not updated in eons), but recently I have switched, and been liking more and more, the del.icio.us firefox extension. I sem to keep discovernng neat things it does to speed up and power by tagging habits.

For one, it does the essentials I need- by using a mouse to highlight a chunk of text in a web page I plan to tag – it inserts that text automatically into the notes field. What is really cool about the new version, is that the pop up window now displays an indicator of my chunk of text is over the 250 character limit that del.icio.us will use:


and from here I can click to add tags from its suggestions, my previous used sets of tags, popular tags etc. The other nice thing about the extension over the old bookmarklet is that it does not load the site again into a popup window- the tagging interface disappears when tis work is done.

Next, what I like, is the extra bar it inserts to make available the sites I have most recently tagged (1, below)). Usually I am stingy about adding extra browser chrome across the screen (I have seen some IE users with about 35% of their screen real estate to see web page because of all the bar chrome), but having recently tagged sites one click a way is very handy– and, there is a whole longer stream available via the » symbol on the right edge (2):


And Lastly, the del.icio.us icon in the main nav bar provides a groovy interface to drill down my tag sets- on first view, I see more or less access to all my tagged sites, and as I click tags I have used in the toop, my choices of available sites dwindle to a small set, so in the example below I drill down from all my tags (1, 2000 sites) to ones tagged as “art” (2 – 85 sites), to ones with both “art” and “collaboration” (3- 7 sites).


I fully expect to discover more surprises, but for now, this tool is better than a Leatherman (when it comes to tagging).

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  1. I’ve been using this extension for…good golly, two years at least, if not more, and love it. In fact, I mentioned it in my post about life without Firefox extensions. What I can’t seem to make it do is drill down into my tag sets as indicated in your screen shots. When I click on that icon, it takes me straight to my del.icio.us site. Hmmmmm…

  2. I’ve been loving the delicious toolbar. Instead of using the browser bookmarks, I have it organized based on tags I use the most. Love it!

  3. I like the improvemnts to the del plugin, but for actually posting I keep coming back to del.icio.us complete (http://delicious.mozdev.org/) for two vital reasons: 1) I can choose between diff del.icio.us accounts and 2) it shows me, when I am posting, my OWN tags, which makes entry much quicker.

    But I keep the official plugin installed for the other goodness you mention…

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