I leave in a few days for the 2007 NMC Summer Conference in Indianapolis. This is actually a minor test of blogging into the wind to see if Technorati picks up the conference tag of nmc2007 (I still am never 100% sure if it will pick up tagged blog posts).

But yay! it looks like the simple WP plugin I used, then broke, Bunny’s Technorati Tags, is functional in WordPress 2.x — I like its simplicity of just tagging when I feel like it; my categories are not all that coherent to warrant an Ultimate Tag Warrior approach (call me a tag wimp rather than warrior).

So for those bloggers, flickerites, and del.icio.us markers, remember to tag a whole boat load of stuff with nmc2007. I have the duct tape and bailing wire Tag This Conference page set up to receive tagged stuff, and am also testing a tumblr site to see how it grabs tagged and bagged content.

And yes, I know, despite the release of our NMC 2.0 drupal powered web site, the June conference is in the retro style of the old site. This is because we did not have time to build a new conference registration and session proposal system– this is on the planning books for July to roll these functionalities into drupal, and never again will you have to re-enter ever bit of your contact info in a web form. The site will know you.

But I stray from the conference topic- we have a fantastic program (full PDF now available- by the time of our next conference, programs will be dynamically generated on the new site). IUPUI is looking like a fantastic venue, and unlike last year, there will be beaucoup free wireless access. And I am looking forward to meeting up with 400+ colleagues, and especially when I get the fun job or emcee-ing the Five Minutes of Fame. I am trying to organized today a number of things we can live stream into Second Life- look for an announcement over the NMC Campus Observer.

And it looks like I’ll be sharing a room with Dr Glu, hope he does not keep me up all night twittering and tossing out obscure music lyrics. Actually, I hope he does.

More in a few….

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  1. I’ve always wondered what Technorati picks up, and what it doesn’t, so I started using the Autometa plugin (http://boakes.org/autometa?v=0.9).

    That way I’ve got meta tags that are gauranteed to be picked up by Technorati and the traditional search engines, giving me double exposure :P

  2. It should be a great time … PSU is sending a nice size group again this year. Wish I could be there! Good luck and blog it up!

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