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A Cheap Lynnetter Knockoff

A Cheap Lynnetter Knockoff
A Cheap Lynnetter Knockoff
posted 3 Jul ’07, 12.04am MDT PST on flickr

Play is integral to this thing we call "work" in the new net space, not bounded by walls, old rules of behavior, etc. Where is the carefully drawn line between work and play?

Dr Angela Thomas recognizes this dynamic of pleasure and power — see this slide from her presentation on Pleasure, Play, Parcipation and Promise:

Original Image creative commons licensed "untitled" by flickr user hexodus.

Note- this was a quick and dirty attempt to see if I could really create something akin to the Interesting Snippets collection by LynnetteR. The edits were done by the flickrCC tool – a search and edit flickr web app. It finds flickr images that allow modifications and provides a basic web editing interface. It’s not exactly easy to use (note my typo and sloppy spacing), but I was able to do all the image editing in a browser.

A right/apple click on the image allowed be to save a new copy of the image, which was then uploaded back to flickr.

So it may be possible to run this as a workshop, and not delve into any photo editing desktop software. The image play is not the goal- it is the deciding on a topic, researching the quote and data, and then locating the image that "speaks" to an idea.

A play at using some flickr tools, testing grounds for potential workshop. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for pointing out the flickrCC tool. I wasn’t aware it had that much functionality. I was thinking of using this method and the Piclens tool for full screen presentations. I did run into an issue. In my test I tried to grab the original image (for full screen viewing), but was unable to do so. Do you know why? Thanks again…

  2. Tim- I had that happen a few times. My guess is that the original image is smaller than that size??

    Also, thanks to the beauty of comments form people you do not know, Nathan pointed me to the fabulous flickr editor tool Preloadr — much better for image editing, does all kinds of PhotoShoppy like things in a web editor.

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