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Reading Across or Reading Down Feeds

Ah, my poor RSS Reader, not nearly given the devoted attention once reserved for it. Maybe a year, maybe two ago, I’d focus on at least scanning all my sources and marking them read by end of the day, even if it was in one fell keyboard stroke.

That was BT (Before Twitter), BSL (Before Second Life), Bd (Before drupal), BR5WPS (Before Running 5+ WordPress Sites).

That’s not to say IO dont regularly mine the feed pile, but there are heaps of unread, unseen items down the list.

I have noticed my Feed Readin’ pattern has shifted, some to the features of Google Reader. Before, I would organize my subscriptions into folder categories, but still pretty much process one feed’s (one blog, one news source) titles at the same time. I was reading DOWN the feeds. Nothing wrong with that, but it is in some ways a legacy of the old bin structure of organization, where you put things in fixed categories.

These days, in Google Reader, I have similar folders (“education technology”, “visual design”, “techie news”) but I generally scan them as these larger groups, facilitated by the quick keyboard shortcuts in G-Reader. It makes for an interesting march as you read across different voices.

This really has no major significance, just an observation (actually I am running some maintenance scripts on my main laptop and am waiting for it to be done. And it is….

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