Is anywhere in the world is it August 31? I have come up for air a day later..

Blog Day 2007

Let’s see if I can come up with my five unusual, unheralded blogs. First is this tiny one originating from Monkton… just kidding.

  1. The Generator Blog collects all those sites that allow you to generate an image or something customized to your own “brand”, like putting your name on a rocket, Computer Keyboard Generator, or cereal box generator. Fun.
  2. Sue Waters is doing some awesome blogging (and twittering, and mobile tech stuff) from Western Australia. She’s being outspoken, and sharing a lot about her use of new technologies with her aquaculture students. Hope we get to meet when I am in Perth!
  3. Also on the Australian front, here’s a pitch for Al Upton, doing some nifty web 2.0 stuff with his year 3 students in Adelaide, where recently they have been telling stories via Voicethreads.
  4. Secret Life of Steve Jobs – I know he i not blogging, but its just plain fun. Imagine the creativity that goes into fake blogging. Maybe you dont agree, but its wicked fun. maybe someday, little kids will wish to grow to to be a fake blogger. What a world.
  5. iAlija – in depth coverage of web 2.0, virtual worlds, from Slovenia. That’s what the net does best- bring you voices you might never here.

Happy belated Blog Day.

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  1. Thank you for Al Upton and the miniLegends. You all must read their 6 word stories. Add your own to the list. Gotta love this blogging thing!

  2. Let me see, say something nice about Sue Waters and then call her outspoken. Who is this woman anyway?

    Not sure that I am that outspoken, I tend to be a lot more cautious than others in what I say. Although may have given you a run for your money concerning podcasting. And do tend to have an opinion.

    Will you be at Mlearn? Yes, definitely be afraid, you will see me in Perth. Personally most of the Aussie’s would warn you to hide. If you get time I will even show you around Perth :). If you have any energy left after traveling.

    Thanks for linking to my blog. And thanks for commenting on my post today.

    (the outspoken, apparently incapable of being Evil, not addicted to blogging or the Internet).

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