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With my insane schedule picking up more insanity a week from now, I really should have said, “no” when we were approached to do a session for the K12 Online Conference coming up next month. But its such a great event, all volunteer run, and speaks to everything my colleagues I and support in terms of open-ness, so Brian, D’Arcy and I said, “ok”. Besides, Darren, Lani, Sheryl, Wes, et al are just so niiiiiice.

So we just posted/updated a teaser for our session on “More Than Cool Tools”. As a teaser ought to go, it teases, does not say much, and leaves you hanging at the end. That was deliberate, folks. But what pushed it nicely over the top was some rapid mixmastering by DJ Lamb, to give a routine slideshow a hip angle.

Ironically, it is this ability to sync audio and slides for a web based delivery that flashes me back to 2003, when Brian, D’Arcy, and I assembled, form our 3 different geolocations, our Syndicating Learning Objects with RSS and Trackback (oi, the old techno terms!)– this was done via authoring in PowerPoint, uploading/sharing to a Breeze server, and using the Breeze presenter to sync slides to audio. Fast forward to 2007, and you can do the same thing– for free- using just a web browser and the Slidecasting tool in Slideshare.

What a ride it has been…. more to be unveiled as conference opens in a few weeks.

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