Writing for Junior High (and free spam links to boot)

The blog readability site has plenty of bounces around the blog-o-sphere – plug in a blog URL, and the magical black box somehow comes up with an absolute determination. I am proud to wear by junior high school reading level badge, which means I am certainly writing for an audience that is at a higher maturity level than the author:

cash advance

What is abhorrent is the copy and paste code to put the badge/graphic in your site comes equipped with a link to a site that has no relevance. I removed it from mine, but any marginal credibility this site may have had is tossed into the rubbish bin by tacking on a link to a cash advance web site. I mean WTF is with that?


If you copy and paste and code and put into your blog, take a gander at what you are pasting

Yeah, my blog may read to junior high level, but at least I dont sneak spam links in anywhere. That is like, so… so… crappo.

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