Ignore the Numbers?
Ignore the Numbers?
posted 24 Jan ’08, 2.26pm MST PST on flickr

If Hasbro is strategic, they might do something smart to acknowledge almost 50,000 game players of Scrabulous.

Or if they listen to lawyers and PHBs, they will piss of 50k people. I’m one.

Cluetrain, anyone?

Crikies, they can likely run the whole company off of selling Star Wars and Pokeman stuff, or will they stick it to word geeks?

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  1. Yet another company that just doesn’t get it! Are they a board game or do they want to be more. They have the potential to reinvent themselves but they’d rather just flush themselves down the toilet.

    That’s pretty scrabpitiful.

    Guess I’m glad I didn’t start a game.

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