"Mike" was one of three llamas we hiked with from Strawberry Llama Ranch for a New Years Day trek into Fossil Creek Canyon. Mike was the alpha of the three, so he mostly had to march in front, and spent a lot of time munching juniper, oak, and dried grass. These animals are amazing in their gentleness and ability to carry lots of stuff.

We hiked down about halfway, a lot of the trail that was in the shade was still iced over from snow two weeks ago. The vistas are amazing, revealing some of the same strata that makes up the Grand Canyon.

His owners told us Mike was named after Michael Jordan, for reasons not explained, and we felt like he deserved a more dignified name like Miguel or Fernando.

Like many things I have found success with, an ed-tech strategy of following what D’Arcy Norman does is often a good bet. Last year, D’Arcy committed himself to doing a daily flickr post which he also has summarized as a year end video. As he describes the project:

I’m trying to take at least one photo a day. Ideally, the photo should not completely suck. On days where I take more than one (which, really, is most days) I select the photo that says more about that day for this series (not necessarily the best photo, technically or artistically, but the photo that says more about what happened that day).

btw, taking a photo every day is REALLY hard. Try it for awhile…

So when he twittered a message on Dec 31, speculating whether he would undertake it again on 2008, I felt compelled to twitter back, “I will if you will”.

So far, this is not really hard, but of course, I had a unique activity today. The trick is going forward every day, and finding the time, energy, to express oneself via a photo.

Okay, D’Arcy, I am on board- my 2008/366 set is up and running.

Featured Image: A Llama Named Mike flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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  1. Nice start! Llarry the Llama! er. yeah. Mike. 🙂

    I’m using the tag “366photos” to help organize. And I’ve got a dashboard widget to quickly indicate the current day number (makes it easier to track down the road if you’ve missed anything in the album). I’ll clean that up and post it in case it comes in handy.

  2. Great idea for the tagging, I am adding as well.

    I’m not sure how you use the widget- is that for naming the file locally? or just making sure you are on track (I am guessing the latter).

    Looking forward to what I can snap for #2…

  3. I just use the widget to compare the number to the number of photos in the 2008/366 album – if they’re out of sync, I need to go digging to see wtf went wrong. it doesn’t happen often, but if you don’t catch it fast, it can take a long time to track down missing photos.

  4. I think I could post 366 photos to Flickr in one day, but not one photo for 366 days. I tried something similar to this last year, the twist was sending a photo a day to a 365 group. I failed miserably. Good Luck!

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