A Fracking Understatement
A Fracking Understatement
posted 31 Jan ’08, 8.30am MST PST on flickr

Twitter is surely loosing fans left and right, and really ought to be sharing more info than this crappy screen. Heck, I;’d rather see the cat in the server picture.

I know! It was the severe twittering at the ELI EDUCAUSE conference that did in the system (yeah right).

Someone (Google? Yahoo) buy these guys and get them more servers or pipes or magic pixie dust.

My habit is suffering, I might have to resort yo doing work.

Twitter, get yer _____ together. The vultures are circling.

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  1. You said it brother, I’m trying to keep a little of the ELI love thang going, but it this keeps up, I’ll have no choice but to start responding to all that email I’ve been ignoring.

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