Be happy...!
Be happy…!
posted 18 May ’06, 7.59am MDT PST on flickr

…because life is now!

Don’t wait for things like this to destroy your happiness.

A storytelling moment for the kids at Hummingbird together with kids from our community base, performed by our theatrical director, Valdilene.

I would say many of my blog posts are rants and complaints, so its only in the sense of balance to once in a while take the blue pill, and write about something “nice.”

So I thinking of my trip next week across the border (Canadian, eh) for the Northern Voice conference and other Vancouver destinations. But I remember my mobile phone plan is “national”- it stops at the border.

I knew my carrier, Alltel, had a North American plan that did reach Van Rock City, though it was at least another $20 a month.

So I just called to find out what was possible, and was blessed to speak with a ray of sunshine named “Sheena”. When I explained it, she suggested I can switch to the more expensive plan today, which was great timing as the last day of the cycle, so there would be no pro-rated charges, and then flip the plan back when I got home.

That’s right, Alltel lets you change plans like you– change your underwear; well maybe that’s not the best metaphor– but at no cost.

I said to Sheena, “You rock!” and she laughed.”Most people I deal with on the phone are not happy at all and use rather different language.”

And she then says when I return and switch my plan, it would be different since my plan is so old. Oh, this sounded like bad news.

“No, get this! ” says Sheena, “For the same $39 per month, in the newer plan, you get 100 more minutes over month, and unlimited on weekend”

And now I told her she was an angel.

She then entered my change of address, chit chatted about Arizona versus where she was (somewhere in Florida).

It sounds so disgustingly hallmarky pithy, but just a more happy attitude makes all the difference when dealing with people, whether on the phone, on the street, or online.

Ain’t that nice?

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  1. Things like this really do brighten your day! I think teaching is a little like that too. We tend to get stuck in a rut (keeping to the same old plan) and don’t realize that the newer plans that are out there may actually be better or have more to it. Great post!

  2. I love that photo. It just makes you smile, doesn’t it?

    I’ve always had the philosophy that the things we do can really impact other people around us. On that particular day, Sheena could have been the only person you spoke to all day. Her impact on your life, that day, could be good or it could be bad, depending on her delivery to you and your reception.

    If we all considered that we may be the only person that someone else talks to, we may start to be a bit kinder and a bit more careful about how we treat others.

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