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Web Storytelling in Interesting Snippets
Web Storytelling in Interesting Snippets
posted 12 Feb ’08, 10.36pm MST PST on flickr

Lynette Webbs’ Interesting Snippets Flickr Set came to me via UPS delivery, in print form, ordered from LuLu. This is the first on demand print product I bought, and am impressed with it from concept to product.

This set of slides is impressive to me for many reason, as powerful examples of communication via words and pictures equally, of using creative commons licensed images, but also just of simple, pure creativity.

See the original flickr photo at

How neat was it to rip open a UPS shipping box and find a lovely color print booklet that was generated at some point from a set of images in flickr! Go ahead and poke fun at my expense for getting excited over analog media. I am enjoying the feel of paper.

And I have to come back to what might be done as a teaching tool for whay Lynnette creates- take a cc licensed photo, edit in text overlays that are not there to caption the image, but to make a statement the image supports (and now you can do this text overlay right in flickr using PicNik). But there is more than just the final image- she composes several paragraphs of supporting text, with hyperlinked references.

if you are having students generate visual communication in PowerPoint, the clue train has long left the station. But you can stil get aboard.

And to some sense I would argue this is blogging via flickr, something that is surprisingly rare (I am convinced sometimes that 45% of flickr is IMG567.JPG lacking any caption).

Get your own copy of Interesting Snippet, direct from Lulu to your door

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  1. I went and looked at her stream and at the photos she borrowed from. Every single one that I clicked on was copyrighted, not CC (I only did 4). In one case, she asked permission AFTER she had done her mashup.

    So, the question begs to be answered: is she making money on this book and are the contributors (if they can be called that) ok with that?

  2. Ouch! Thanks for doing my homework. From what I read about her book:

    “By request, I’ve also made a print version of highlights from the first year – all proceeds to charity”

    bottom of

    But am disappointed as for some reason I thought all were used by CC. I think it was when I found this set, I was searching in the flickr cc area and found one she used and the original where she gave credit.

    Bummer, big bummer. Now I have to talk about this example differently.

    The concept is what I like, but now the execution lacks.

    Thanks for catching this.

  3. Actually she has permission from all photo creators- doh, I had not even flipped to the last page, where she lists and gives credit “A huge thanks to all at Flickr for letting me use your photos” then their icon and flickr user name.

    At the bottom is a statement that the book is priced at 10 pounds, covering the cost of printing (8.61) and the extra 1.39 goes to the Battery Hen Welfare Trust http://www.thehenshouse, which apparently rescues hens from factory farms.

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