Such a high was the 2008 Northern Voice Conference and how quickly it seems gone.

By far, this surpasses by experience her two years ago, my first Moose ride. Its as much for the gathering of creative people that seem to be everywhere in Vancouver, the low overhead personal way a conference is organized (as opposed to the big conferences that leave one cold), but mainly for the camaraderie of being with many of my favorite colleagues, so a shoutout to Brian Lamb (tireless organizer and generous party host) and of course Keira (letting us rampage their house); D’Arcy Norman (sheer genius with code and camera); Scott Leslie (amazing array of knowledge of tech, movies, literature, music); Jim Groom (unbridled energy for everything, and a damn fine blues singer); Chris Lott (tireless driver and the most amazing facilitator, and another with a range of knowledge I cannot see the limits of); Jennifer Jones (tireless tweeter, ustreamer, and bravery for hanging out with edugeeks).

And this does not even count the long list of other people I got to meet with and talk to at Northern Voice. I have added my last little bits of photos and soon to be fading memories to the VoiceThread I slapped together (in lieu of blogging- see exploring new technology is now a blogging excuse!)

So check it out and add some comments! We need your audio comments!

And there are only some 2300 flickr photos marking the event. “I’ll be back!” he says for 2009.

Featured Image: Visual Facilitation by Nancy White

Are Blogs Are Dead
Are Blogs Are Dead flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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  1. You blog really quick, ya know! It was awesome Alan, and you were a rock star on so many of the best levels at NV 2008. And it is both a pleasure and an honor to to be in such close physical contact with your imagination (even if only for a little while) to get a clearer sense of the field, the importance of connections, and the value of being able to play an instrument as a child 🙂

    Thanks for everything Alan, see you in Van Rock City next year for sure, but hopefully sooner as well.

  2. I just blew my own mind playing with VoiceThread. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    So, how do we take the Northern Voice vibe on the road, that’s what I wanna know….

  3. I wouldn’t say I feel tireless about now.

    Thank you so much for all you gave during these few days. And I’m looking forward to finally dipping into your VoiceThreading…

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