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Reverend Jim Belts the EduGlu Blues

EduBloggers JamFest - 55
EduBloggers JamFest – 55 by D’Arcy Norman
posted 24 Feb ’08, 1.33am MST PST on flickr

In celebration of the high watermark of Northern Voice, the music was rocking from Brian’s house… with the sounds of Reverend Jim singing about “Got to get some Edugluuuuuuuuuuu.” It was crazy and unrecorded, had to be there.

What a blast with Jim, Brian, Scott, Chris, D’Arcy, Mikhail, Keira, and the caped crusader.

Each Northern Voice elevates to a new level of collegiality and friendship. Even with this mornings head fog, I am blessed.

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  1. I have to say bring high-pitched edugluuuu chorus is a sound and image that will remain with me for a long, long time. I think this is the making of the first edtech band, why couldn’t we make some pretty far out costumes, and play the edtech circuit. Call ourselves EDU_DEVO?

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